The Team

Linda Meyers Bio PicLinda Myers is born and raised in Washington State. She is retired military and has 33 years of government service.

Her initial experience with the paranormal began at a very early age with the loss of her brother.

She has traveled to many countries to explore the paranormal and studied with several shamanic teachers and is a teacher in her own right. She spent time at the Edgar Cayce foundation in Virginia where she was tested for psychic abilities and was found to be very intuitive. This led her to explore the paranormal world and since that time she has had many encounters.

She decided several years ago to explore the other side of investigations and began collecting equipment and participating in investigations.
Linda is excited to be a part of the paranormal world and has made many new friends attending paranormal conferences and is excited to explore whatever new ventures come her way.


Teresa Carol Bio PicFor the past 26 years Teresa Carol has been an internationally known psychic who has visited over 29 countries to study with Shamans, Healers and Spiritual Masters. Her life is devoted to empowering people. Author of All Spooked Up, she does reading and healings for those looking to improve the quality of their lives or develop their spiritual gifts.

During an emotional trauma, Teresa became aware of her psychic gifts. After a period of training, she found that she was able to go into trance at will to obtain many types of valuable information with exceptional accuracy.

Since 1985, Teresa has been a full time Psychic Consultant. Continuing her education in both the Metaphysical and Counseling fields, Teresa constantly increases her proficiency and presentation.


Anita Nesteruk Bio PicAnita Nesteruk hails originally from Alabama and has lived near Louisville Kentucky since 2009.

Her love of the paranormal and curiosity of what happens after death has been a constant in her life. There was never a ghost story too scary or a haunted house too foreboding that she would not venture into. She cannot ever remember a time she was not fascinated with all things paranormal. Her interest turned into action when she had a very personal paranormal experience of her own in September, 2014. This experience, witnessed by two family members and a complete stranger, propelled her to make a full blown commitment to the serious study of life after death. She continues to education herself through literature, investigations and sessions with various paranormal tools to communicate with the other side. She recently had the privilege of being able to conduct an 8 hour investigation at Waverly Hills Sanitarium.

Her mission is a simple one: Gather and document as much evidence as possible to support her research; approach any communication with a respectful attitude and pure heart; help anyone she can (in this realm or another one) along the way.